Friday, January 14, 2011

Oh mon dieu!

Oh mon dieu! means OH MY GOD! xD 
Dear bloggie , hey it's me again! :D Ohmygod . Do you know how i miss you too and you guys aswell! I'm so sorry that i've not updating my blog lately bacause i've been so busy with my school things ! hmp , talking about school . lol! School is not so awesome . Well you know school ! Alot of activities that is not so EPIC! and SERIOUSLY! School is not COOL ! But have a new friend in my new class! Okay , That's cool :P and my class teacher is AWESOME ! I mean she's supporting . yeahh ;) She teach me maths too! :D lol! Ok. Bye! GTG! There's no more exciting news that i wanna tell ya guys now! So , Byee guys! I'll update again! Rendez-vous! :D
Live. Laugh. Love. ♥ Toodles!
Nana ..

Monday, December 20, 2010


H I :) 

OMG ! I do not update my blog for quite a LONG LONG time ! It has been 3 months I was not updating my blog . W O A H ! What is up with that !? Ouhh . I miss my B L O G G I E so so so MUCH! Well . I really want to update my blog so badly . But , There is not a fun thing to want to say . Soo :DDD * sigh * . 

Soo , I do not know what to say . Ok . I would like to share about what is happened on today 
Today morning , My mother and I went to buy my school books for next year . My secondary
books ! Yaww! :P The time I'm going to buy school books . I feel very nervous and scared 
lol! Okay! Beside that. 

This afternoon , I was with my neighbor friend to play badminton together :D I was playing badminton with a two girls aged 5 years and the standard 1 :D They are sisters anyways . I love them :D They are Chinese. hihihi ;) And, the time I was playing badminton with them . I just suddenly hit dragonfly. Then , the two girls are like. "Oh my god! U killed that dragonfly !!!!" And I was like "OMG! REALLY!" hihihi Then , they take that dragonfly and put it on the table . They says . "Let us together pray for her whether the dragonfly can get her life back . " and I was like . " OKAYY :D " . I feel guilty for hitting that dragonfly . haha! lol! ;) Godbless that dragonfly ... Okay! The End the of The killer of a dragonfly . haha! LoL! Kidding :D 

Soo Umm . The school will open back in a few days more . ahhh! ( Nightmares ) *.* I'm fearless :D Ceyhh . hihihi. But seriously ! :O Okayy! Until up here ! I'll update again! Later :D Bye Guys! Xo

p/s : It's raining outside . Urhhhh , I'm freezing here ... xD

Live. Laugh. Love. ♥ Toodles!
Nana ...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

MyLoveBloggie&Subway'sSandwich ! :)

WhaadduppReaders !:)

Hey ! :) Soo , I have not updated my blog for a few days ago. GREATT! xD:) So, right now I'm blogging while eating Subways sandwich while listening to Justin Bieber songs OverandOver again :DDD And yeahh I eat subways sandwich which is Turkey Breast and Ham :D Breast ? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :P ( nonsense ) LoL !  Soo , Turkey BREAST and Ham is soo tasty! Umm Yumm-Yumm ! Yummy for my Tummy ! :D 

I do not know what going to talk about today . Like seriously ! :P Soo . Yesterday , Saturday 27.11.2O1O there's a wedding. And today there's is a wedding too . Woahh! Two days - also. Well , my parents gets alot of  wedding 's card :) From their friends ... So , We go and be there :) > ceyhh :P Todayy! there are two weddings. WoahWoah . I ate a lot today. Hehehe . But I have to diet. My sister was told that I already want fat. Well . I'm not fat anymore. Yeah . But I have to take care of my body ...DO NOT BE A GREASE nana! xD Hmm . What else .. Duhh
 -_-'  And Ohh! :D Guess what !? I have new clothes! :D I'm proud :P LoL ! Itu pun nak cakap kan ... hmp!  I'm already heard some of Justin Bieber's songs that's in " My Worlds Acoustic " album . And it was damn frikkin' AWESOME Man ! Eleh . Tu pun dengar kat YouTube jee :P HAHAHA! But still want the album "My Worlds Acoustic" ! STILL ! :DDD

Must. Keep. Pray. On. Repeat. :) Cause that is a new song ! That song is really meaningful ! :)  PRAY  .  

SOO . That's all for today . I think . But , before that ... I wanna gave u a Justin Bieber's Picture ! xD

He showing his book .
( First Step 2 Forever : My Story )
I want It So Bad ! :(
Someone can gave it to me ? :P ^^

Justin Bieber new hairstyle for the meeting with fans in New York .

I hope You'll be visiting my country and have a meeting with me . ^^
Right now I'm going to take subways cookies ! Chocolate Chips ! Yummy! Soo Bye noww :)

Live. Laugh. Love. ♥ BYEEE ! :)
Nana ...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

JustinDrewBieber . U Truly Deserve It! :)

Heyyy People OutThere! :) 

I do not update my blog for 4 days . Haha! Seriously, I want to update my blog but do not know want to say and I was too lazy to update my blog . Today I do not want to say is a big deal. lol! umm.But today i wanna talk about JustinBieber A-Gain! :P. Yes! U Truly Deserve It! Well , on yesterday's Sunday 21.Nov.2010. Justin Bieber won two out of four awards at Sunday's American Music Awards ! ( AMAs ) Which is Breakthrough Artist and also Pop Rock Artist for the AMAs . He also had perform his new single " PRAY " ! Sitting at a piano . Justin Bieber showed his haters he's more than pretty face and floppy hair for his American Music Awards performance . He played his new single , the uplifting ballad " Pray " , which is a departure from his usual upbeat pop fare . Awesome right :) Congrats again Justin . Justin deserved to win! he's such an inspiration! I love him! hes looking good too ! 

He cuts his hair :)

Justin with His Mom . Pattie ! ROFL! <33
She looks Pretty and Happy ! awh! :)

CONGRATS Biebs ! ^^

That's All For Today! And Black Eyed Peas' performance was amazing!!!! :D Buh Bye! :) And OH! Before that . Check this Out . Okay! Bye! :)

Live. Laugh. Love. ♥ Toodles!
Nana ...

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Bonjour! :D

Today is The Awesome Friday! Like totally A-wesome ~ Well , WHY ? Why today is so Awesome!? B.E.C.A.U.S.E. first thing . Today on 8.00 p.m . My family and I Want to go see the movie story of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 ." Ouhyeahhh! Must be a lot of people today at the theater because they want to go see the story of "Harry Potter". RIGHTT? Well. I am not a BIG FAN of this Harry Potter movie. BUT! My Dad and My Sister (Kak Amy) It's The Biggest Fan Of Harry Potter. Yeahh. They had read all the Harry Potter books until the end. Well. Can U imagine. Has Harry Potter book is thick. Kinda expensive. And read alll the books episods like .

They have a book.

* Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.
* Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
* Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
* Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
* Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
* Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
* Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Soo . I had done the list of Harry Potter episods . LoL ! My dad ask me to read those books . But , I don't want too! ( Malas! ) Very Lazy . Yeahh. Andd My Family can't wait to go and see the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 . Especially my Dad and Kak Amy . Soo ,The ends of Harry Potter things . ^^

Next is . OMGGGGGGGGGGGG! Now i can ALREADY open my Facebook back ! Is Back! My Facebook is BACK ! Whoo Weee. Thanks to Tommy and da Facebook Team ! U Guys Rockk! Totally ROCK ! Thanks! That's all for todayy . I thing today is rock! FRIDAY I Love Friday!
Byee! That's All For Todayy!

Live. Laugh. Love. ♥ Toodles!
Nana ...

OmbOmbOmb !

Hi Hii Hiii ! :DDD

Soo Okayy , Today i wanna talk about The Hottest Guy that i know . Justin Drew Bieber ^^ :P LoL . Okay . Right now I'm listening to PRAY ! Which is Justin's new SONG and this song in the album " My Worlds Acoustic " ! He will also be performing this song at the 2010 American Music Awards next week ! His voice has really changed! It's attractive .. And the song is great ! It’s very motivational and really inspiring. It definitely is able to touch people :) It is soo totally damn Awesome !  Ur Soo Down To Earth !
Good Job Justin . It's nice :) 
Je t'aime! ( I Love You! ) :D I just freakin' love Youuh!

Awhh! His Cute Isn't He ? hahaaa! :D

Other than that . Justin had tweet on his Twitter and he had announced the first dates of his first ever UK tour on his Twitter page. OwhMyGoodness! And He will bring Bieber fever to the UK when he hits these shores next March . He'll be visiting Liverpool, Newcastle and Manchester too! ( Ahlaah ) Why does not he go visit my country, MALAYSIABut Justin, Can not stop the wince?Hahaaa! After that if you already up in Malaysia. My friend and I are going to take you in Kuala Lumpur Intertional Air Port. Hihihiii. Jkjkjkjk. LoL . But , I also have The Bieber Fever and why don't you take me away to join you TOUR Babeyhhh!? lol ! jkjkjkkk! Hahaa! I Just want to see YOUU! That's All! I caught you look at pictures, videos , magazines and TV ONLY . And Now! I want to see your Face To Face. Haha! Can ? Okay! WhatEver now . Justin ! I Hope U Will Come To MALAYSIA Soon !!! :D Your Malaysian Fans is waiting for YOUU! :D

P/S : I heard that Justin  injured his knee while performing a concert in Cleveland , USA . Ouuh ! Hope U Okay right now :)

Heyy Sexayy :D ( Rawr 

Well Guys! That's All For TODAYY! I'll blog again Okay :) Byee!

-Live. Laugh. Love. ♥ Toodles!

Nana ...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

DooDahDooo ...

Soo Heyy Again Guys ! Well , today is the day that PRECIOUS! Because today is Hari Raya Haji. Soo ( Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidiladha for all muslims ) ^^

 Okayy , DooDahDooo ... ? Hahaa! Seriously! I do not have any idea to place the title today. But . Don't care . Other than to say Happy Hari Raya Haji! Well.  Hmmm. What else yaa  >?
 Well. My mom is cooking today is DELICIOUS! She cooked Nasi Dagang. YumYummm! Nasi Dagang? What is it? Haaa! 

Well, rice trade is a Malaysian dish consisting of rice steamed in coconut milk, fish curry and fried Poor 'Extra Ingredients shaved coconut, hard-boiled Eggs and vegetable Pickles. Nasi Dagang literally means "Rice Trading."It is a well-known breakfast food in the states on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Terengganu and Kelantan Poor '. The most Famous Nasi trademarks of Terengganu comes from Village Farm, an area Within the Kuala Terengganu district.Nasi Dagang also rates can be considered as a festive dish in Kelantan Hilman Because it is at home for the morning of Eid ul-Fitr, a Muslim holiday That marks the end of Ramadan, to be eaten as a breakfast BEFORE or after the Eid Prayers in the mosque. 

Want to see how apparently "Nasi Dagang" .
Nasi Dagang :)

F.WI. Right now I'm oficially don't have A Facebook anymore :( But, I hope that my facebook is off for a moment only. I don't have much to say . Soo Toodles guys :)

-Live. Laugh. Love. ♥ 

Monday, November 15, 2010

TodayTuesday ...


Sooo Tuesday, the day that I will not be forgotten forever! Cause Tuesday is the last day of my school at Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Rimau (SKBR) . I will miss all of my friends in that school ! Like Syarifah Wahida ,Hawa Farieza , Izyan Athirah , Aida Syafiqah , Erin Ayshah and and and I have so many friends at school. So, I can not name of all like totally! xD AndOuh! 6 USAHA ! OuhYeshhh! I will miss all of YOU! They also like my brothers and sisters. Yahh! We like one FAMILY! My Friends Is like Da AWESOME !!! That's why I love them ! -:( :) And Byee Erin Ayshah ! I do not have time to meet. Because Erin is not coming to school. Soo Erin , if you read my POST. Just want to say BYE! and goodluck girl ~! :)

The most I will not forget is all my teacher! They are like my second parent. Hahaaaa! Yalaahh! Because they were educated and taught me since I'm standard one. U know!? Haaa. They are also very AWESOME!
P / S: Thank Youu Teacher! Ur the BEST! 

And Thanks to all my FRIENDS for being one of my friend :) U guys ROCK ! \m/

THANKS Ah-gain Yooo! To my friends. Because they had to sign my school uniforms !Thanks A lot! The first to sign my school clothes is Wahida! -.- (Haha!) Thanks dude! 

p/s : Nasib baik mak saya tak marah . I though saya balik dari sekolah tuh kene marah sebab sesuka hati je nak conteng2 baju . But ! Mak saya suka rupanya .But at the first she was surprise to see my clothes that have sign by my friends. Hahaaaa! 
Had fun today! I will not forget my friend got laughs, jokes, gossip (haha), the fights that we've ever been in school for SKBR. iLoveUGuys Sho-Much with all my HEART ! Byeee!  I'll Miss U Guys ! ( MUAH 6 Usaha in my memories !

With Love ,
-Live. Laugh. Love. ♥ Toodles!

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